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Who we are

Solida Equity was born to support all those young people and all the persons who want to give life to their dreams and their hopes.
Solida Equity is responsible for verifying and analyzing all the new ideas and new start-up projects of young entrepreneurs and is responsible for assisting a young entrepreneur in the tortuous path of creating his start-up company.
A team of experts will follow you, analyzing your project, drafting an effective business plan and helping you to find the funds necessary to start your business without problems.

Business Finance

The corporate finance or business finance is a specific area of finance that deals with the specific financial decisions that companies must make and with the tools, the related analyzes and the valuation techniques used to make such decisions.
It is, therefore, necessary to identify the best balance between the funds available for the company and the investments on which to invest, in order to achieve perfect management, both efficient (cost / benefit analysis) and effective (input / output analysis).

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Easy Fiscality

All entrepreneurs today are literally harassed by taxes, the continuous taxation and the regulations, which do not protect small and medium-sized businesses, are pushing all entrepreneurs to close the companies and terminate their businesses.
What a lot of people ignore is that there are so many completely legal ways to reduce the tax burden by up to 75%.

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