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Solida Equity was born to support all those young people and all the persons who want to give life to their dreams and their hopes.

The crisis and the growing power of the banking system, with the combination of the excessive guarantees required to apply for a loan, inexorably close the doors to many young people with brilliant ideas. Often, when one can obtain a loan from the banks, the excessive rates lead to the closing of the financed activity in a short time. There would be European funds, as an alternative, but applying usually requires a lot of time and waiting that nullify the genius of the new projects, which will be dominated by the competition later.

The estimated time to receive a non-repayable contribution for a start-up ranges from 8 to 18 months and often the projects, frozen for all this time, are subsequently rejected by the evaluators. Furthermore, it frequently happens that the percentage to be repaid at a reduced rate involves an excessive disbursement by the new entrepreneur.

Solida Equity, on the other hand, finds funds from other sources in increasing ascent in recent years, the new entrepreneur only needs to present his project, tell us the capital he needs and where he wants to start his business. We will take care of the rest. With a team of experts we will evaluate the project, provide valuable advice and draw up a winning business plan, obtaining funds from two effective sources: our success stories and our professional advice, which led to the realization of a dream for all our clients.